Asset Security

Movable asset tracking

If it can move, we can track it.

ID-Asset Track a cloud hosted solution (IoT) that successfully solves the problem of asset tracking and can be used to track anything from laptops to dynamite, steel to vehicles, documents to laundry and more.

This solution is developed around a software application that utilizes core RFID technologies to link smart tags to assets.

Tags are assigned and fixed to movable assets using 3M adhesive. The system uses access control cards or biometric data to link tagged assets to assigned users. RFID readers and antennae are strategically placed at entry and exit points to prevent assets from illegally moving without the rightful owner. Any illegal asset movement at an exit/entry point triggers an alarm, locks the door ad alerts the appropriate security personnel. Only once the alarm has been accepted will the door return to its normal state. The system displays the location and direction of travel.

The result: secure movable asset tracking.

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