GPS Global Tracking


Our ID-Asset Track GPS Solution links a GPS device to movable assets for geographic asset tracking. This makes it possible to monitor your assets from any point at any time.This versatile and flexible solution can be deployed in many different environments to solve a wide variety of business challenges.The range of applications for this GPS solution is unlimited and can be custom designed to meet specific client needs.

The ID-Asset Track GPS tracker utilizes satellite GPS positioning fixing and then GPRS communication back to the web portal. Login to the web portal to track and manage your tagged assists.

Some features available are:
- Live tracking view
- History playback
- Zoning in and out
- Battery status indicator

Typical industry solutions:

  - Rental assets
  - Office automation monitoring
  - Money counting devices
  - Vehicle tracking
  - Animal tracking
  - Medical and banking equipment

How it works

ID-Asset Track GPS is an integrated system that uses GPS / GPRS devices via triangulation to track assets. Our GPS application is well suited for tracking and managing assets that have a power source, but lose power when in transit.


Functional architecture

A battery-powered GPS / GPRS device is fitted to an asset. The device locates its position by fixing the location of three satellites and then transmitting its position coordinates via GPRS back to a central server. The central server can be accessed via internet to view the position of the asset. The position visibility is limited to the battery life of the GPS device.

Key features

  - Mobile tracking
  - Web based application
  - Remote switching
  - Per device settings
  - No-go zones
  - Geo-fencing
  - Route visibility
  - Distance and speed calculations