• Movable Asset Tracking

    Tags get assigned to movable assets and are fixed to assets using 3M adhesive.PurchaseLearn More
  • Fixed Asset Management

    Will integrate movable asset tracking into the corporate fixed asset management application.PurchaseLearn More
  • Inventory Management

    Will integrate movable asset tracking into the stock management system to control stock items.PurchaseLearn More
  • Point of Sale

    Is an RFID tag system configured to integrate tagged items for sale to a point of sale system.PurchaseLearn More
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Support for Mobile

The responsive layout allows the site to adapt to mobiles. These smaller devices have a unique mobile menu to aid navigation.

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Top-Notch Coding

The Gantry Framework forms the core of the template, providing a rich selection, such as an intuitive administrator.

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Loads of Features

Paradigm has a vast assortment of major and minor features, to make customization easy and your site alluring.

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Key Features

The ID-Asset Track system is versatile and flexible and may be deployed in many different environments to solve
a wide variety of challenges. The range of applications for ID-Asset Track is unlimited and can be custom designed to meet specific client needs.


Intergrates with access control system but runs independently

A CSS based dropdown menu system, with numerous advanced features such as inline modules and multiple columns.


Passive tags = low cost and long life

There are eight stylistic suffixes, to provide individual module styling, as well as several structural suffixes.


No desktop installation

There are over 80 module positions, most split into rows of 6, each with adjustable widths, globally or per menu item.


Simple front end with user-friendly interface

SplitMenu is a static menu option that displays parents in the header and children in the sidebar, as configurable.


Effective system reporting

SplitMenu is a static menu option that displays parents in the header and children in the sidebar, as configurable.


Web based (users can be anywhere)

Choose from eight preset style variations, with configurable options for text, link, accent, and background colors.


Central management of a national system

A versatile content display extension, with integrated styling in Paradigm, including the Features layout option.


Direction control = asset movement by location

A custom Joomla installation package that installs a near equivalent of the demo onto your server.


Customer driven (design meets real business challenges of customers)

A beautiful and rich selection of typography, based on Boostrap, to emphasise and embellish the content elements.


Mobile ReadyThe responsive layout allows the site to adapt to mobile layout.


How it Works

ID-Asset Track is an integrated system that reads smart RFID tags to track assets. Tags can be placed on any item that would be considered as asset e.g. vehicles, IT equipment, pallets, packages, production items etc. Items that are high in steel or water content such as IT equipment and beverages require a specific smart tag.



A responsive layout adapts to the viewing device, whether mobile, tablet or a small or larger desktop, to ensure your site is accessible on all devices.


What Our Customers Said

  • Paradigm is a rich infusion of elegant, transparent visuals with a contemporary design frame, to create a subtle but invigorating site experience. The dynamically changing, transparent to opaque, fixed header, combines design and functionality. imageLinda SmithCEO of Hexeris
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